Nutritional Therapist - Sarah Toomey
Sarah Toomey (BSc, Dip NT)

nutritional therapist

````  Sarah Toomey - Nutritional Therapist Sarah Toomey (BSc Dip NT) - Nutritional Therapist As a qualified nutritional therapist, I see my role as helping people better understand how nutrients, food and lifestyle factors influence how their body functions – this involves assessing and identifying potential nutritional imbalances and creating simple, attainable action plans to…
Sarah J - Massage therapist in Paignton
Sarah J (ITEC)

massage therapist

``I truly believe in the importance of well-being, trusting that massage can help you maintain physical, mental and emotional health, and strive to help people achieve and maintain this through regular treatments``  Sarah J - Massage Therapist Sarah J (ITEC) - Massage Therapist Massage therapy is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapeutic…
Paighton Reflexologist Anne Rosser
Anne Rosser (Dip. Ref)


I love my work and there is nothing more satisfying than to be able to help improve someone's health and see the difference that therapies can make. I suffered with M.E. for years and know how frustrating illness can be. I believe this has helped in my Practice and made me a more understanding therapist.…
Massage Therapy by Cerys Tisshaw
Cerys Tisshaw (BTec NDip)

massage therapist

Whether you are looking for the ultimate relaxing, pampering massage just to help you unwind and de-stress or you need a more vigorous, therapeutic deep-tissue treatment, I can alter my technique to suit you. With years of experience and training in Swedish, Hot Stone, Huna and facial massage technique I have plenty of experience and…
Massage Therapist - Sarah Henderson
Sarah Henderson (APNT Dip.)

massage therapist

The wonderful thing about massage is that it not only works on a physical/physiological level but  also creates a calm, safe space for thoughts and emotions to surface and process,  benefiting the whole being.   Sarah Henderson - Massage Therapist Sarah Henderson -  Massage and Bodywork. APNT Dip. BCMA reg. After years of working in offices, Sarah…
Darren Stoyle Acupuncturist
Darren Stoyle (BSc Lic Ac)


I am passionate about Chinese Medicine and enjoy learning and developing my skills as an acupuncturist. It is important to me that all my patients feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe healing environment, and I aim to treat all my patients equally, and to the best of my skills Darren Stoyle - Acupuncturist Darren…
Paignton Life Coach and Psychotherapist Yvonne Rose
Yvonne Rose – BACP

life coach and psychotherapist

Many of life’s problems can be alleviated by sharing them with someone who is trained to listen and can offer tools and alternative ways of thinking. Often, implementing some very simple yet practical changes can have remarkable results.   Yvonne Rose - Life Coach and Psychotherapist Yvonne Rose - Life Coach and Psychotherapist Yvonne joined the…
Chiropractor - Natasha Harris
Natasha Harris – (MSc DC)


... Natasha Harris - Chiropractor Natasha Harris (MSc DC) - Chiropractor Natasha joined the Riviera Wellbeing team in 2015 and became the fourth member of our Chiropractic team.. Since graduating in 2013 with a Distinction in her Chiropractic Masters Degree 'Tash' went on to work for a couple of years in a busy clinic in Suffolk. However,…
Chiropractic by Paul Hindle
Paul Hindle (MSc DC)


“Being the best you can be is not easy and it takes time and dedication but the first thing is knowing where to start and how to proceed. That’s where chiropractic can help everyone identify their areas for improvement whether it be mobility, strength, nutrition, training etc Chiropractors are trained to help you achieve a…
Paignton Chiropractor - Dr Ashleigh Ley
Ashleigh Ley (MSc DC)


``I am passionate about supporting each and every person who seeks my help, whether for pain relief or ongoing care. Each person I treat is an individual. I recognise that each person I see is unique and no two treatments are the same. I treat patients of all ages. My youngest patient to date was…